Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

“The ensemble members maintain this high standard, as does every aspect of the production,including the Roger Hodgman's direction and Dana Jolly's choreography. Michael Hankin's refreshingly simple set keeps the focus on the performers and on Teresa Negroponte's sensational use of colour in her costumes, enhanced by Nicholas Rayment's lighting.”

“...there are classically beautiful costumes by Teresa Negroponte, seductive choreography by Dana Jolly, and a simple-yet-effective set by Michael Hankin, enhanced by Nicholas Rayment’s lighting. But Hodgman has found a brilliant comedic rhythm and shape to every scene.”,live-review-dirty-rotten-scoundrels-sydney.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=Limelight+Opera+feed

“...take an established Broadway success and add your best Australian cast and crew; but Scoundrels punches above its weight, with what looks like half the budget and scale of production. Michael Hankin’s set feels clever rather than lavish, but never dowdy; Nicholas Rayment’s lighting design sets off the jewelly colour palette of Teresa Negroponte’s costumes”


“Everything in this Tosca has a kind of cinematic quality to it. Michael Scott-Mitchell’s sets and Teresa Negroponte’s costumes are so rich, you feel like you’re watching an old Hollywood movie. In the first act you feel like you’re literally staring into a glorious church, complete with marble floors and soaring ceilings. Tosca’s gown in the second act is probably the most beautiful costume in Opera Australia’s season this year and wouldn’t look out of place on any red carpet.”

“Teresa Negroponte, a relative newcomer, has balanced the naturalism required with a healthy amount of flair and style. Tosca’s act two gown is divinely decadent without being ostentatious in the least. Military uniforms are of a quality and detail usually only seen in movies.”

“Teresa Negroponte's costumes are perfectly attuned to the concept: '40s chic for Tosca, a louchely elegant suit for Cavaradossi; sickeningly attractive Nazi uniforms for the oppressors – including Scarpia's reptilian glamour – the Toytown bravado of their Italian military allies and the sadly contrasting drab of the hapless escapee Angelotti and the Jewish refugee-townsfolk. Wonderful.”

“Happily, Teresa Negroponte’s costumes match Scott-Mitchell’s magnificence; both represent and exemplify the pinnacle of their respective arts.”

“The staging was beautiful, a real pleasure for the eyes. Magnificent singing, wonderful music, spectacular sets and costumes, an evening to take your breath away. Set designer Michael Scott‐Mitchell and costume designer Teresa Negroponte have created a monumental staging, set in Mussolini’s 1940s Italy.”

Doctor Zhivago

"Helping to weave their complicated tapestry of entangled fates is the considered costuming from Teresa Negroponte which is both rich in detail and physically expressive."

"Teresa Negroponte’s costumery was a highlight: authenticity merged with an eye for line and movement."

"The costume design by Teresa Negroponte beautifully captures the feel of the era and Russian sensibilities."

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Dreams in White

“Tanya Goldberg’s production is expertly framed and coolly managed, played in a stylishly anonymous space designed by Teresa Negroponte indicative of the emotional emptiness in all these people’s lives. “

“The Design by Teresa Negroponte, of a charcoal grey floor and walls with white opaque screen of sliding door and backdrop, and gleams of silver edges, ingeniously stands in for many different locations, assisted by deft lighting by Hartley T A Kemp and supported with a moody and atmospheric sound composition by Kelly Ryall. All the artists bringing this script/play to life are top notch.”